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13th December 2017 

Revolutionary ICB Orthotic Therapy

ICB orthotics are an effective and inexpensive solution to the over-pronation problem. Buying a pair of ICB orthotics can be a worthwhile investment to your health as they can prevent many problems.

Using ICB Heat Moulding Orthotics, the aim is to correct foot function, and relief
from painful biomechanical complaints, including:-

  • Bunions and corns
  • Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs
  • Tired Aching Legs
  • Metatarsalgia and Mortons Neuroma
  • Hip Pain
  • Achillies Tendonitis
  • Osteo-Arthritis
  • Shin Splints
  • Osgood Schlatters
  • Achillies Tendonitis
  • Growing Pains
  • Patello Femoral Pain
  • Lower Back Pain


    The most common form of bad foot biomechanics is over-pronation, which is the dropping of the arches and rolling inwards of the feet and ankles, causing flat feet. It is estimated that up to 85% of the population suffer from over-pronation and related conditions to varying degrees.

    Excess pronation is not an isolated condition - it contributes to causing mal-tracking and misalignment of the knee joint, hips and pelvis, causing compensation of the lower back muscles.

    Orthotics allow joints to be aligned correctly and promote efficient transmission of the forces of standing, walking, jogging, running and jumping and as a result a foot orthotic therefore helps to:

    * Reduce pain
    * Provide support
    * Prevent or halt the development of foot deformity
    * Provide better positioning
    * Relieve pressure on a certain area of the foot
    * Improve the overall biomechanical function of the foot
    * Reduce lower limb torsion and stress on the knees and hips

    Customised orthotic insoles are shaped to accommodate and align your feet and to correct and realign your foot and anklebones to their neutral position, restoring natural foot function.

    Off-the-peg orthotics are set to an average foot, which might be OK for some people, but for the best results we recommend that your orthotics are customised.

    ICB orthotics are an effective and inexpensive solution to foot dysfunction at only 60.00 per pair (including any additional add-ons eg. heel lifts, metatarsal domes, gait plates) they can reduce pain and prevent problems and injuries in the future and can offer you pain relief!

    Why Should I See a Chiropractor For Orthotics?

    Traditionally most people would go to a podiatrist or chiropodist to have orthotics fitted. So why should I see a Chiropractor for Orthotics?

    Julie Chambers is trained in fitting custom ICB orthotics and can assess if you require orthotics.

    McTimoney Chiropractors treat the whole body and can determine how the use of orthotics can complement our treatment and enhance your response to, for example, a back, hip, knee or ankle problem.

    The main purpose of an orthotic insole is to improve foot function, in many cases reducing pain and preventing problems and injuries in the future.
    Children and Orthotics

    Children from around 2 years of age can be assessed for orthotics. Some health professionals like to “wait and see” if a condition corrects itself. However in the majority of cases these children need assistance to correct their position and allow their bodies to realign before it starts to compensate, causing structural misalignments and muscle imbalances.

    “If we see a young tree in our garden starting to lean over, do we leave it alone to correct itself as it continues to grow? Or do we take a wooden stake and tie it up until it becomes strong and able to grow straight by itself and then remove the stick?” Najjarine A.R. Dr. 2008, ‘The Orthotic Revolution’

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